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Women & Fashion

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Allure (12)
USA/M/12 Allure is the beauty expert — an insider’s guide to a woman’s total image.   ..
Rp 1.896.000
Rp 1.464.000
Bridal Guide (6)
USA/BM/6 Bridal Guide is a bimonthly magazine for brides to be, with all the information needed to ensure a beautiful,  memorable wedding day. Ar..
Rp 870.000
Rp 761.000
Cosmopolitan USA (12)
USA/M/12 COSMOPOLITAN USA MAGAZINE : Advice on relationships and men continues to be at the very heart of the  COSMOPOLITAN backed by relevant, t..
Rp 1.548.000
Rp 1.203.000
Elle UK (12)
UK/M/12 ELLE (UK) MAGAZINE : ELLE is a very popular magazine, with design and couture tips on how to dress with style.  From the United Kingdom, ..
Rp 2.004.000
Rp 1.545.000
Elle USA (12)
Origin: USA Issues: 12x /Year ELLE (US) MAGAZINE : Launched in 1986, ELLE USA was an instant hit and has become one of the legendary success  s..
Rp 1.464.000
Rp 1.140.000
Glamour UK (12)
Origin: United Kingdom Issues: 12x /Year Britain’s No1 Women's Magazine has the hottest celebrities, the best fashion and beauty, gripping real-life stories,  ..
Rp 1.224.000
Rp 960.000
Glamour USA (12)
USA/M/12 The magazine that helps every woman become the “DO” she was born to be. Smart, chic and all-American, Glamour  gives readers exactly wha..
Rp 1.320.000
Rp 1.032.000
Harper Bazaar USA (12)
USA/M/12 HARPER'S BAZAAR USA MAGAZINE : Harper's Bazaar Magazine features comprehensive, insightful coverage of  fashion and beauty. The magazine..
Rp 2.328.000
Rp 1.788.000
In Style UK (12)
UK/M/12 In style magazine is an iconic glossy fashion monthly magazine for women. In style magazine will always have its  eyes in the latest fash..
Rp 2.220.000
Rp 1.707.000
In Style USA (12)
USA/M/12 The American edition of this glossy women’s monthly magazine, InStyle magazine is your one stop shop for  celebrity news and fine fashio..
Rp 1.788.000
Rp 1.383.000
Lucky (12)
USA/M/12 Lucky is your ultimate shopping guide, spotlighting thousands of incredible finds in fashion, beauty and more.  Each month, the Lucky ed..
Rp 1.356.000
Rp 1.059.000
Marie Claire USA (12)
USA/M/12 MARIE CLAIRE (US) MAGAZINE : Marie Claire proves that beauty magazines need not be all fluff and no sub..
Rp 1.356.000
Rp 1.059.000
Nylon (12)
USA/M/12 NYLON (US) MAGAZINE : Nylon magazine is an American publication that focuses on pop culture and fashion. Its coverage  includes art, bea..
Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.167.000
Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide (12)
USA/M/12 Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide, Shows the latest hairstyles, '900+ styles, more than any other magazine'. If you are just after  picture ..
Rp 1.788.000
Rp 1.383.000
The Oprah Magazine (12)
USA/M/12 The Oprah Magazine gives confident, smart women the tools they need to explore and reach for their dreams, to  express their individual ..
Rp 1.560.000
Rp 1.212.000
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